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SOUTHBOUND - women artists from Australia - Chile - South Africa

artists: Colleen Alborough, Jane Alexander, Julie Dowling, Esther Mahlangu, Tracey Moffatt, Berni Searle, Amalia Valdés

26.04. - 22.06.2024

  • SOUTHBOUND, Amalia Valdés, Esther Mahlangu
  • SOUTHBOUND, Amalia Valdés, Tracey Moffatt
  • SOUTHBOUND, Tracey Moffatt, Berni Searle, Jane Alexander
  • SOUTHBOUND, Berni Searle, Jane Alexander, Amalia Valdés
  • SOUTHBOUND, Colleen Alborough, Julie Dowling
  • SOUTHBOUND, Julie Dowling

project space

Colleen Alborough - balance

Stopframe Animation, 2010, 3:30min, Music João Orecchia

The theme of the show explores the relationship between real and imagined fears. It considers the extent to which we can sometimes feel controlled by invisible, unnamed terrors. In mapping imaginary landscapes, the works aim to reflect upon the negotiations and manoeuvres we make within the complex, at times disconcerting and chaotic space of South Africa.

Oliver Jordan - Wunschbilder

Opening: 28.6.2024 I 18-21h


Zeitgeist Irland 24 - Rod Coyne | Shane Sutton

August / September 2024

Zeitgeist Irland 24 is a celebration of the richness and diversity of contemporary Irish culture. Weaving the collective story and experiences of the Irish, Zeitgeist Irland 24 brings a new generation of Irish artists to German audiences, continuing to break boundaries and build on a global reputation for cultural excellence.

As part of Zeitgeist Ireland 24, the gallery will be showing the exhibition Ireland's Future Traditions. Artists Rod Coyne with his series of paintings Seeing Red and Shane Sutton with his digital art Immersion On create unusual environments and landscapes.