Galerie Seippel focuses on the presentation and promotion of contemporary art and on art education through guided tours, artist talks and art education programs for schoolchildren and students.

Since 2001, the gallery, together with four foundations, has been based in the Haus der Stiftungen at Zeughausstrasse 26, opposite the Römerturm, over four floors in the heart of the city of Cologne. 

The gallery presents an innovative, national and international program of visual and performing arts. In addition to the exhibitions of the artists represented in the gallery on the ground floor, experimental projects are shown in the project room on the second floor in cooperation with the light art project COLLUMINA. Music, literature, film and theatre events also take place there.
Temporary exhibitions from the Peter Reichenberger, Egon Karl Nicolaus and Peto Madew Kunst- und Kulturstiftung foundations are shown on the first and third floors of the building.

Seippel is currently advising the sculptor Enrique Asensi and the further development of the sculpture park near Barcelona, the Egon Karl Nicolaus Foundation with its studio in Paris, the Peter Reichenberger Foundation, the Peto Madew Cultural Foundation with its focus on Australia, the artist residence Casa Michele Theile in Positano and the artists with whom the gallery has worked since its foundation.

In 1993, the art historian, curator and publicist Dr. Ralf. P. Seippel began his exhibition activities in the Belgian Quarter at Flandrische Strasse 6 in Cologne. From 1997 to 2016, he was the first and only gallerist from Europe to be represented in Johannesburg/South Africa with dozens of exhibitions, projects and art education programs.

In 1998, Seippel curated the exhibition "Women's Voices" - with female artists from South Africa in Stuttgart and Hamburg. With BaileySeippel Gallery, he took on the consulting and curating of BAHA (Baileys African History Archive), the archive for documentary photography of Africa (DRUM Magazine) during the apartheid era.
Over the past 30 years, Seippel has worked on all five continents and realized almost 200 exhibitions and projects in Cologne alone. Many of these exhibitions have been accompanied by extensive monographic publications. Over 70 books have been produced.

Further curatorial activities have taken place at the Biennale in Prague and Sao Paulo, Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires, the development and realization of light art projects in Halifax/Canada (RESPONSIVE) and with COLLUMINA in Cologne.